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But With You Here, I Feel Like I'm Seeing My Son

December 4th, 2017 | in Justice and Compassion |    0   

Bangladesh Refugee CampRecent news headlines have indicated more than 600,000 Rohingya refugees escaped persecution and violence in Myanmar to Bangladesh refugee camps. But with the increasing number of refugees in these makeshift shelters, families now face hunger and disease.

For the last five years, Bob and Karin have been working with Rohingya communities in the Asian Spice region. One of the many ways Bob and Karin care for them is through the Nations Learning Center (NLC). The centre serves as a safe place for migrant workers to learn English, play games, spending time with volunteers, and hear Bible stories in their own language.

By God’s grace, Bob was able to travel to Bangladesh for a week in November 2017 to visit the Rohingya refugee camps. God opened doors of opportunity for Bob to share the love and hope of Jesus as he encountered many who are desperate and broken. He met with family members of students and friends from the NLC.

These refugee families have been displaced and will likely never get the chance to see each other again. Bob went to the refugee camps with photos of the students from the NLC, in hopes to bring some measure of comfort to their mothers. On the back of the pictures, he recorded the names of the students, their families’ names, contact number in Bangladesh, and the name of the camp where their families were.


Bangladesh Refugee CampBangladesh Refugee Camp

With thousands of people in the refugee camp, it is no small task to locate and connect with these families, yet God was on the move and brought them to Bob. He entered the makeshift homes of these refugees, wept with them, talked to them about their sons and brothers, gave them photos, and brought human connection to them. 

Rohingya Quote

It was heartbreaking to have mothers and fathers saying over and over to Bob, “I feel like my son is here, because you are here and you love my son.” Jesus is on a rescue mission, join Him! Pray for God to meet the displaced Rohingya families in a powerful way and for ministry partners in Bangladesh to continue to build relationships with them. 

Bangladesh Refugee Camp  Bangladesh Refugee Camp

Katsaire Zee

Katsaire Zee is the Communications Coordinator at the National Ministry Centre of The Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada.


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