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Bible Quizzing

October 20th, 2017 | in Education |    0   

Note: This article first appeared on page 19 in the Fall/Winter 2017 issue of Alliance Connection magazine.

April 28, 2017 was the first day of the final quiz meet of the year for the Canadian Midwest District’s (CMD) Bible Quizzing program. A quiz meet is a weekend-long event when students participating in the program (affectionately known as “quizzers”), along with volunteer coaches, gather.

The primary goal of these quiz meets is to fulfil the program’s mission, which is to “see visible evidence of the application of God’s Word in the lifestyle of each participant.” Weekend activities include the quizzing competition, social activities, evening speakers, and praise and worship time.

Anticipation for the 2016 final quiz meet began during the program’s first week, in September, and it continued to build during the smaller meets, which took place every six-to-eight weeks since October.

At the final meet, 350 quizzers, coaches, and volunteers gathered together, representing three provinces and more than 20 churches.


During the quizzing competition, sets of three teams face off in a game that tests their knowledge of the Scripture they have memorized.

This year, quizzers were tested on their knowledge of the Book of Luke, and several quizzers memorized nearly the entire book!

Each game is known as a “quiz,” and it consists of 20 questions. It is amazing how much friendly competition can encourage one to memorize Scripture. While many quizzers have fun correctly answering questions and perhaps even winning a quiz, they know that this is not the sole purpose of the program.

Bible Quizzing isn’t only about memorization; it also includes intensive study of the Scriptures, as quizzers participate in Bible studies as part of weekly practices leading up to the quiz meet. We trust that God is fully able to use this memorization and study of His Word to change the lives of quizzers.

Quizzers also enjoy the social aspects of the quiz meet, whether a simple conversation among friends in the hallway, or the organized activity of the weekend. Activities have included an evening at the local roller rink, a carnival led by volunteers from the host church, and some night skiing, in February.

The meet also provides the opportunity for quizzers to reconnect with friends they have met in the program from other churches or even another province. For some quizzers, the people they have met at a quiz meet are their only friends who have a personal relationship with Christ.


God uses the quizzing coaches in powerful ways in the Canadian Midwest District’s Bible Quizzing Program. Coaches have both mentor and teacher roles, discussing topics such as how to lose graciously, how to win with humility, and how to respond when a ruling does not go as one hopes.

Coaches have the opportunity to speak into the lives of their quizzers and share how God has taught them to act in trials. Scripture says that “suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope.” (Romans 5:3-4).
Ultimately, as Bible Quizzing leaders, we trust that God is able to use His Word to shape the way that quizzers respond to difficult circumstances, both those that arise during a quiz meet and those they face outside of quizzing.


Bible Quizzing officials volunteer to assist in mediating the quizzing competition. Many officials were once quizzers themselves, and their service illustrates an important truth of Scripture to current quizzers: God’s people “should use whatever gift [they] have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms.” (1 Peter 4:10).

The Final Quiz Meet

The final quiz meet, held April 28, 2017, took place at Briercrest College and Seminary, in Caronport, Saskatchewan. While meets are usually hosted by one of the churches participating in CMD’s Bible Quizzing Program, hosting the final meet at Briercrest allowed all of the quizzers to spend the entire weekend together, as they were billeted in the dorms. 

Quizzing took place from Friday evening until Saturday afternoon. After supper, everyone gathered for the evening service, when Paul Ens spoke about Envision Canada, an initiative of The Christian and Missionary Alliance that seeks to identify and develop future missional leaders.

Next, we moved into a time of sharing, when quizzers were given the opportunity to share a favourite verse and testify to how God had used His Word to speak to them over the year. Quizzers in grade 12, who were to graduate from the program, were given the special opportunity to encourage younger quizzers by sharing how the memorization and study of God’s Word through Bible Quizzing had influenced their lives. After the service, on a beautiful spring Prairie evening, everyone moved outside to enjoy God’s creation and a fireworks show.

It is encouraging to help our quizzers connect with God in a deeper way as they not only systematically study and memorize books of the Bible, but also as God’s Word is applied to their lives.

A Testimony

Bible Quizzing has been an incredible blessing in my life. I’m so grateful to have been a part of this community of like-minded youth who memorize God’s Word and are eager to learn about Him. I was able to make such godly friends, not only people my own age, but also younger and older. Many of my mentors today are actually people from the Bible Quizzing program.

In my six years of being a quizzer, I learned that the ultimate goal of everything in this world is to glorify God. It’s all about Him. No matter what I do, it should be done with an attitude of serving Him.

I can’t recite all the verses I’ve ever memorized word-perfectly, but, having done Bible Quizzing, I remember slivers of Scripture and I am able to locate those truths in the Bible. God’s Word is living and active, and it continues to transform me to be more Christ-like.

Joy Juson
Quizzing with Westgate Alliance Church, Saskatoon, SK

The History of Bible Quizzing

The first Bible quizzes were organized by Youth for Christ (YFC) in the 1940s. Bible quizzing was one of the many activities that took place during YFC rallies, and they were quite different than the contests of today.

Three teams of four players from local high schools attempted to answer 20 questions, and players who answered five questions correctly or three incorrectly were replaced by another player. Eventually, national competitions were developed, complete with the now-familiar seats with wired relay switches.

In the late 1960s, YFC rallies began to de-emphasize quizzing, but it was picked up by churches and denominations, including The Christian and Missionary Alliance (C&MA). Canadian Alliance teams have competed in the International C&MA Quiz Finals: The Canadian Midwest team featuring Bob Peters and Jan Abramoff, coached by Clyde Walker, won the competition in 1970, and a Canadian team also won the year before.

In 1979, the competition began awarding a scholarship to the top quizzer. It was named the Jan Neufeld Scholarship, in memory of the Canadian Midwest coach who died in a traffic accident the previous spring.

Sandy Ayer is the director of Library Services, Ambrose University and C&MA archivist.


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Blake Weiseth

Blake Weiseth and his wife, Meagan, are the directors of the Canadian Midwest District’s Bible Quizzing program; they attend Rosewood Park Alliance Church, in Regina, SK.


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