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118 People in 5 Days

February 17th, 2017 | in Least Reached People |    0   

Every Friday morning, we meet with the whole Niger team (pictured above). Each member of our team sends in prayer items on Thursday, and on Friday morning we spend time praying over our team, our ministries, and specific people in our spheres of influence.

Recently, as we were praying, a couple of us were hit with the question "How many Tuareg and Fulani people did our team actually proclaim the Gospel to during the week?"

After we finished praying, someone asked, "How many heard the Gospel this week?"

We each responded with the number of people with whom we had an opportunity to share God's story or pray over during the week. Remember, we're working with two least-reached people groups, where it has taken years for our team to have the “right” to speak.

We calculated that our team had spoken God's Word and/or prayed with over 118 people in the last five days.

Out of curiosity we asked, "Who saw Jesus through us this week through acts of service, care, and love?"
We calculated over 140 people in that same time frame. Wow! There was a moment of awe and amazement as we thought of those numbers.

Sometimes, as IWs in a least-reached nation, we feel that things are moving slowly for God's Kingdom. This calculation allowed us to peek through God’s window and His perspective.

Will you continue to pray for our team? Pray that we will respond to opportunities to speak the Word of God into the lives of our Tuareg and Fulani friends, as well as opportunities to pray over them. Pray that we will live spiritual lives that show our friends that God loves them. Pray that God will move in a mighty way in the lives of the Tuareg and Fulani peoples in Niger.


Without your generous giving, Doug and Denise would not be able to serve the people of Niger or lead the Niger team. Please give to the Global Advance Fund to help God’s Kingdom thrive in the Desert Sand region.


Denise Cameron

Denise was the Children's Pastor at Paramount Drive Alliance Church before recently becoming an international worker in Niger with her husband, Doug. They have both previously served in Africa.

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