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Completing the Forms

This page is specifically for sponsoring groups who have read through the  FIRST STEPS and NEXT STEPS information.   CG representatives assisting refugees to  complete the forms or who are reviewing the completed IMM6000 package should read through the following linked documentation:


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Which Forms Need to be completed by the sponsorship group?

The Sponsoring Group – CG (constituency group) should submit the follow documentation to the CMA SAH for undertaking a sponsorship:

1. Documents required by the C&MA SAH:

  • Refugee Prescreening Form 2018 Note: groups who have been matched with a C&MA-referred refugee family or a VOR/JAS/BVOR -referred family do not need to complete this document (this form is required when a church group is working with a local family as co-sponsors, or if the church has self-identified a refugee for sponsorship).
  • Detail Settlement Plan Templates These required templates contain the minimum RAP calculation charts, monthly budget and settlement plan details. The link opens a page which lists the required templates based on the type of sponsorship and also by province.


2. Documents required by IRCC to be completed and submitted to  the C&MA SAH:

Which Forms Need to be completed by the refugee(s)?

The Refugee Principal Applicant should complete and submit the following forms:


The Spouse of the Principal Applicant, and any children who are 18-21 year old should be listed as a dependant on the PA’s IMM0008 Generic Application under the additional dependant information in Section E and will each also require (even if when not accompanying the PA) to submit their own:

Children 17 years and younger of the Principal  Applicant 
should be listed on the PA’s IMM0008 Generic Application under the additional dependant information in Section E. These children do not require any additional forms to be completed unless the number of dependants exceeds 5, then the IMM 008DEP -Additional Dependants form shall also be used.

Children 22 years and older of the Principal Applicant should NOT be listed as a dependant on the PA’s IMM0008 Generic Application and will require their own application package:


Supporting Documentation

  • The Principal Applicant's Instruction Guide provides a list of supporting documents that should be submitted with the application (certified copies not originals). As a minimum, the refugee's should provide some form of official ID documentation if at all possible (Passport, National ID, Birth Certificate etc.). The supporting documentation is used to prove their identity, their family relationships and may also be used to corroborate their refugee story.


Please contact the CMA SAH sponsorship assistant if you need to add a dependant or have questions about the one year window sponsorships.

Submitting Documents to the CMA SAH

The CMA's email server will not accept large file sizes, so it is best to set-up a shared Dropbox folder instead of breaking apart email attachments into multiple emails.

Upload the documents into a shared folder using:

DropBox: If you have never used Dropbox before, you may find it helpful to go to www.dropbox.com/tour to learn about Dropbox. You can also learn about sharing files from this quick video tutorial. This service is free to set-up and use.