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Donna Carter:

Photo of Donna CarterDonna Carter is a sought after speaker and the author of two books with curriculum components which are distributed internationally. They are making appearances in Islamic countries, developing, and communist countries and are also being used strategically on U.S. military bases. Donna has traveled widely and is passionate about social justice; especially helping women and children achieve their full potential. Her recent adventures include connecting with the underground church in China, experiencing the catastrophic earthquake in Haiti, and linking Canadian women with young mothers living in abject poverty in El Salvador through Compassion International. Donna and her husband Randy are co-founders of Straight Talk Ministries, a non-profit organization that exists to help people find faith and learn to apply it to everyday life.

For more information: www.donnacarter.org

Tyler Rowan:

Photo of Tyler RowanTyler is a speaker that women of all ages can relate to, with a message that not only inspires and encourages, but provides real-life practical application. Her desire is to see women experiencing the freedom and fellowship that comes from leading transparent lives, developing strong spiritual habits, and discovering the power of Christ in their lives and ministries. Tyler resides in Sherwood Park, Alberta with her husband, their five children (one with special needs), and their Golden Retriever. Holding her BA in Psychology, Tyler has embraced a variety of positions, from working with foster families to founding and leading a thriving women’s ministry.

For more information: www.etylerrowan.ca

Connie Cavanaugh:

Photo of Connie CavanaughConnie Cavanaugh, hilarious and unforgettable, her real-life stories give the audience an easy memory tag for life-changing spiritual truth. At more than 30 events per year, she communicates with energy, humor, warmth, and grace to audiences all over Canada, the US and beyond. Connie is the author of two books, From Faking it to Finding Grace, and Following God One Yes at a Time. Connie lives in Cochrane, Alberta, with her husband Gerry Taillon, the National Ministry Leader of the Canadian National Baptist Convention. They have three children, two married, and three grandchildren.

For more information: www.conniecavanaugh.com

Camile Parkman:

Photo of Camile Parkman Camille Parkman is a singer/songwriter, worship leader and speaker from Outlook, SK, whose greatest passion is to worship Jesus and lead others into joyful, intimate worship. Camille is also passionate about the Church fulfilling its mandate to help “the orphans and the widows” of the world, which is what led her to becoming a Compassion artist. She has a special place in her heart for women, and loves to see women grow in their gifts and in the security and confidence that are available to us in Christ. Camille is a trained musician with an ARCT in piano and also has a BA in Music from Briercrest College. Camille often ministers alongside of her husband of 21 years, Rob Parkman, and includes her three wonderful sons (Joshua, Joseph and Micah) in her music ministry whenever possible.

To contact Camille, please visit her website: camilleparkman.com

Mandy Ralph:

Photo of Mandy RalphMandy Ralph is passionate about helping women live their lives as glorious Women of God, leading and serving in their home, community, and world. Through teaching, speaking, discipling, and leadership training, she seeks to help others dig deeper into God’s word and in community with one another. With her love of the Bible and background in Archaeology and Biblical Studies she paints vivid pictures of biblical people and events and connects these stories to our lives today. Using storytelling and humour backed by a strong biblical message, she shows that the Bible can be accessible, a living breathing part of our lives.Mandy enjoys her many roles as speaker, teacher, blogger, Ministry spouse, mother to three kids, and messy, journeying woman of God.

For more information: www.mandyralph.com

Jodi Kozan:

Photo of Jodi KozanJodi's passion is to bring restoration to audiences of all ages and walks of life. Her personal story involves specific areas of oppression including: Religion vs. Relationship, Fear, Occult dabblings, Teenage rebellion, Abortion aftermath, "Barbie bondage", Being wife #2, among other areas of human wanderings. However, Jodi's message of freedom reaches many hearts because she understands fully that we are all looking for the same thing: to be loved, secure, significant and accepted. Through her authentic heartfelt messages of truth and grace, the Holy Spirit transcends the stories and empowers the hearer to apply the restoration message to their own life. Jodi and Tim have been married for over 20 years and together are proud parents to four amazing daughters.

For more information: www.jodikozan.com

Sham Krishnan:

Photo of Sham KrishnanShyamala Krishnan came to Christ in India through the ministry of Youth for Christ and immigrated to Canada with her family in her late teens. Sham has spoken particularly on the subject of prayer, at women’s retreats throughout Canada and mentors many women particularly in her home church, Rexdale Alliance. She delights in her adult daughter and son and six grandchildren. Her husband Sunder, Senior Pastor of Rexdale, is blessed by her strong support, listening ear, wise counsel and infectious humour!

Contact Shyamala at: skrishnan1@rogers.com

Teresa Rilling:

Photo of Teresa RillingTeresa is a Pastor’s wife using her hospitality, counseling and musical gifts for the past 30 years. Teresa survived trauma and speaks passionately and with humor to audiences across Canada. Her desire is to inspire and motivate people to become all God created them to be. She has been married to Jim for 30 plus years and turned 50 in fall of 2008. She feels like life has just begun. They have had the privilege of parenting 3 children one of whom chose them in her early teens. All 3 are married and have supplied 8 grandchildren to hug.

For more information: www.teresarilling.ca