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February 9, 2022 | < 1
Harvey Matchullis

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God designed us in His image to do work. When we do good work, we honour God. Your career enables you to make God’s Kingdom visible in a unique way.

Your occupational calling is an opportunity for you to impact lives while glorifying God, anywhere in the world.

You do not need to choose between work and mission.

Marketplace is a pathway for Alliance people who are commissioned and spiritually supported by a home church, to use their profession anywhere in the world as intentional representatives of God’s Kingdom. Marketplace has partnered with Scatter Global to equip you to find opportunities to use your vocational skills to bring the hope of Jesus to the world.

If you are considering a Marketplace pathway, may this video serve as inspiration.

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Harvey Matchullis

Harv serves as Strategy Director: Marketplace & International Churches for The Alliance Canada. His wife, Becky, is a professional Family Resilience Coach, specializing in international worker families. They live and serve from their home base in Calgary, AB.

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Find an opportunity to use your vocational skills to bring the hope of Jesus to the world.

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