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Read stories about the Silk Road region.

See the international workers biographies in the Silk Road region.

A church in North Warsaw grows from a seedling to a full fledged branch of the vine. People in this district of the Polish city were looking for help in their relationships. When God directed our C&MA workers to begin focusing on enriching marriages there, that community was drawn to the new hope theySilk Road offered.

The Silk Road is a vast region including Europe, the Middle East, the Arabian Peninsula and Central Asia. The eyes of the world often focus here, as the region shifts and moves, regimes change and political climates heat up and cool down. There are a lot of intersecting borders in this part of the world. 

Creativity is the order of the day here. Our workers need to be flexible, adapting alongside their communities.

While most of us watch things unfold on the news, our International Workers are immersed in the realities of this huge region every day. They see how average people live their lives amongst uncertainty, yet find solace in faith, hope and love.

In some cases, C&MA workers have the privilege of seeing masses of people receive Christ’s life-changing message. Others continually move and work and love in their neighbourhoods, watching God bring it all together on a no less significant, yet smaller, scale. Their roles are vital and you can see their passion for the people on their faces and hear it in their words.

For more information contact: Rahul and Dawna at rds@mailbox.org 


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