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Read stories about the Sea to Sea region.

It can even happen across the street.

Like most others in the C&MA, Rexdale Alliance Church has a long history of supporting missions in some of the remotest spots on the globe. Yet, through a series of connections in the community, the congregation realized that God wanted to multiply their church a stone’s throw away from their established home.

The new venture, located in a high school across the street, is focused on connecting people who may Sea to Sealive near, but not know each other. It’s also introducing residents of this very diverse multicultural community to a church family in an inviting and accessible atmosphere.

Until we have the luxury of looking back, the way God moves in our communities can be mysterious.
Sea to Sea is a declaration that Canada should be a missional focus of the church. We’ve dedicated hands and feet to that desire, setting a goal to see every Christian and Missionary Alliance church multiply in at least one way every five years.

The ways churches can multiply are seemingly endless. Some examples include churches that reach new Canadians, missional communities that go beyond traditional brick and mortar churches and informal congregations that naturally develop the potential to become a full church.

These communities have been forming across the country already. And each one is unique.

From the Beverly Sudanese congregation in Edmonton, where they meet weekly for a service in the Nuer language, to a fledgling faith community for Vietnamese speaking immigrants who moved to Langley, BC to work on area mushroom farms, to a northern church plant in Red Lake, Ontario (population 5000) where almost everyone is connected to the local gold mine.

Sea to Sea will be successful if local church leaders passionately embrace it as core to their church and mission. A national team continues to develop resources, tools and other means of supporting churches in that mission, and is composed of representatives from each of the six Canadian districts and the National Ministry Centre.


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