Roupen and Lena

Our God Story

Roupen and Lena met in an Armenian church in Beirut, Lebanon, where they served in the Sunday school for a number of years. Roupen studied children’s book illustration in Yerevan, Armenia, and was involved in several church plants there. Lena studied child education in Beirut, Lebanon. They got married in Beirut in 2003. The Lord has blessed them with two boys, Hesou (Joshua) and Hovnatan (Jonathan).

Coming from an Armenian background, Roupen was raised in an Armenian school in Beirut, Lebanon. He learned four languages but almost nothing about God. He had a strong desire to know more about God, and at the age of 8 he asked his father if he could go to Sunday school, but the answer was a strong “no.”

Life was hard and dangerous in Lebanon because of the 15 years of civil war. In the middle of the war, Roupen’s aunt came over to ask for forgiveness from his mother for everything she had done to her. She said, “I just came out of a church. I received Jesus in my heart. I am not here to argue with you but to ask you to forgive me!”

This was the first time Roupen heard the phrase, “receive Jesus in my heart.” His desire to know more about God grew. He ran to his aunt’s house in secret several times and asked her to tell him more about Jesus. Roupen’s dad passed away after the civil war, and Roupen prayed and received Jesus that same night.

Lena is also Armenian, and she went to another Armenian school in Lebanon, where she learned four different languages. Lena was raised with her extended family. Her grandfather was a strong believer and follower of Christ. He patiently taught all of his grandchildren about Jesus and gradually told them about his faith and the importance of believing in Jesus.

Lena wanted to follow Christ at the age of seven, but her grandfather was not sure if she understood the meaning of salvation and told her that she can pray for forgiveness when she grew older.

She understood well enough the importance of salvation; moreover, in her heart, she had a close relationship and a strong love towards Jesus. She waited until the age of 15 to admit that she is a sinner and to receive Jesus. Unlike her grandfather, Lena strongly believes that young children can understand the Gospel, and that they also need to be saved.

The Call to Children

The Lord called both Roupen and Lena to become international workers (IW) when they were 16-17 years old. After serving in Sunday school for a few years, their passion for teaching the Gospel to children grew in their hearts. Not hearing a clear Gospel presentation in their childhood years stirred their hearts to work with children and give them a chance to receive Jesus while they are young. Reading missionary biographies also challenged their lies.

Roupen and Lena believe that God has called them to share the Gospel with the almost 7 million children of Spain. They are currently living close to Madrid, but they travel all over Spain to reach children with the Gospel. Their ministry includes:

  1. Direct ministry with children; Sunday schools, evangelism in their home, club, and in the parks, camps, etc.
  2. Teacher training; training others to work with children.

Roupen and Lena love being in Spain and serving Him in this beautiful country. The most challenging aspect is casting vision and recruiting. People are busy doing other things and sometimes they don’t see the need to evangelize children.

Our Vision

There are almost 7 million children (ages 0-12) in Spain who still need to hear about God. Many of them don´t even know who Jesus is. Our vision and goal is to reach them with the Gospel. We do this through outreach events, church ministry, VBS, overnight camps, teacher training, etc.

Current Priorities

We are very much involved in mentoring our Sunday School teachers. They need lot of encouragement and care to effectively serve the children. Pray as we work with them and challenge them to have fruitful ministries in their churches and neighbourhoods.

We are also very happy to serve with Envision Canada as site coordinators for Spain. Pray for the teams who come to help us with the overnight childre’s camps. We are doing our best to start the camps in Barcelona and the Canary Islands.

Our Team

Spain Team

Least-reached People Group (LRPG)

We work with a unique group of Children LRPG’s.


Pray for the children we are in contact with through the different outreach ministries, that they will be the ones who will bring the light of Jesus into their families.


The Global Advance Fund covers our support and living expenses. All donations are tax deductible.  Make cheque payable to “C&MA Canada”.



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