On Mission

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On Mission is a new book with the stories of twelve Canadian Alliance international workers. This book celebrates the redeeming work of God and at the same time provides some accountability to the people of God who faithfully provided sons and daughters, finances and prayer, for the mission of God. … Read More

Making God Known

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The book "Making God Known" on a table.

This book tells the story of what The Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada is currently doing to provide access to Jesus for the least-reached peoples of our troubled world. Want to an electronic copy? Please go to www.cmacan.org/giveaway/  

The God Made Known

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The God Made Known is the second book in a trilogy of telling the story of the Canadian Alliance engagement in global mission. These chapters continue to trace the hand of God in transforming and using ordinary people both in Canada and in different regions of the world. This second … Read More

The God You May Not Know

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The God You May Not Know Book Cover

The God You May Not Know shares personal stories of Canadian workers that made sacrifices to be sent out to plant spiritual seeds and nurture different communities in various countries. This is a collection of stories about people like you, people who have a hope, destiny, and dreams. These are … Read More