Relief in Niger

February 26, 2021 | 2 minute read
The Alliance Canada

A group photo of people in Niger with their new gardening tools

Through funds given from Alliance Justice and Compassion, the team in Niger was able to provide support to families who experienced loss after major flooding.

The team was able to purchase two packages of seeds for each of the 50 families that were affected by the flooding. They purchased a variety of seeds such as lettuce, carrots, parsley, hot peppers, cabbages, and tomatoes. They also purchased fertilizer to help with the growth of the new plants.

With the funds they were also able to buy tools that had been swept away in the flood. Each gardener received two watering cans, a hoe, a shovel, a machete, an axe, and a rake. Upon receiving these tools, they will now be able to do the farming and planting of their crops.

The team purchased six insect sprayers that will be shared among six villages. Each village has their own sprayer now and since the spraying of insects does not need to be the same day, they will organize a schedule whereby they can share the sprayers. This is extremely helpful as insects are one of the hardest things to deal with in the gardens.

Due to the insecurity in the region, the transportation of all the materials from the capital city to the villages required the use of a local truck. The truck went to each of the six villages and left the supplies with the gardeners. The team connected with the son of the village chief and their agricultural expert to help in the distribution of the seeds.

They were able to pay the son of the village chief a little money for his time and effort in going out to the different villages and helping with the distribution. The agricultural expert was already being paid by the team, so no extra funds were given to him.

The team wrote, “We want to thank you again for the financial aid that was given to help these gardeners regain their dignity and livelihood and be able to go back to providing for their families after the flooding of these six villages.”

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