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We invite you to take a FIRST STEPS look at refugee sponsorship. At its best, refugee sponsorship is a relational investment in which sponsors work together to help displaced persons resettle into a local Canadian community. The result of assisting one family can have an impact for years to come, not only on those who have been sponsored, but also the whole community and future generations.

As active members of the Sponsorship Agreement Holders (SAH) Association, we have the benefit of providing you with access to helpful training resources, guidance and supportive networking opportunities. You can confidently rest assured that you will have help throughout the process by drawing upon the vast experience of many sponsoring groups in Canada who have a rich and rewarding history of refugee sponsorship.


These linked information documents below will help you to learn about refugee sponsorship as you consider whether or not to support a sponsorship undertaking:

The Guide to Refugee sponsorship explains Refugee Sponsorship at a glance: giving information related to who can be sponsored as well as the different types of sponsorship. 

Overview of sponsorship responsibilities  document describes what a Sponsorship Agreement Holder is (C&MA in Canada), what a Constituency Group is (The local Alliance Church or our Partner Denomination's churches), and co-sponsors (usually the local family members in Canada) and the general responsibilities associated with those commitments.

The C&MA CG INFO PKG includes FAQ’s about each private sponsorship type: Private Sponsorship of Refugees (PSR), Blended Visa Office Referred (BVOR), and Joint Assistance (JAS). This package also includes a budget guide which helps people to understand what the financial commitment would be for a PSR undertaking.

Managing Expectations Video we encourage interested persons from your church to take some time out together to preview this video during this initial consideration phase or perhaps later after they have formed a committee.


Take a look at the NEXT STEPS webpage information we provide for groups who have formed a committee of at least five people and are ready to move forward with a refugee sponsorship.

Contact the Sponsorship agreement Holder (SAH) Representative refugeesponsorship@cmacan.org  to ask any remaining questions after considering the information presented about refugee sponsorship. We would be happy to further assist you and your church group with moving forward to undertake a sponsorship for a refugee family in need. Please include in the subject line of yopur email: the name of your denomination, your church and where you are located.

If your group decides that they are not in a position to take on a sponsorship at this time, but are interested in helping other sponsoring groups to meet the financial commitments required for sponsorship, please consider making a donation.

We look forward to working with you in this educational journey to discover more about refugee sponsorship and, ultimately, working with your group to become sponsors of a family in need.