Psalm of Spice

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I love the Psalms. They are real, personal, heartfelt, and include so many emotions. COVID-19 has been a bit of a roller coaster ride. I have mixed feelings about roller coasters, and I have mixed emotions about the situation we are in.

 The ‘we’ is important because all of us are in it, but we have a Heavenly Father who is sovereign, compassionate, and intrinsically detailed in His care for us.

 Friends, these days are challenging but Jesus is not only with us and for us; He is way ahead of us.

 Here is a little psalm of the Spice Region:

 Oh God You are glorious and compassionate.

Who are we, that You would pay attention to the details

of our lives?

You know all things; You know what we need and where You will place us

long before we even have an inkling.

You go before us Lord, and You plan our steps.

As the virus was stirring in Asia, You brought many of Your people

to spacious places and put them in

houses and families.

You provided shelter, friends, and visas.

At just the right time, You took the faithful back to be Your

witnesses in a land that is oppressed and

longing for a saviour.

O Lord, pour out Your salvation on the oppressed,

heal the sick and feed the hungry. Selah


The virus grew and the nations shuttered;

we were afraid, Lord.

Leaders of nations offered their wisdom—some said go, some said


But we cried out to You Lord because You know all things

for today, tomorrow, next year.

You hear and You answer when we call.

You show us the way we should go because You are already


All times are under Your watch and Your watch over us is for

eternity. Selah

The people gathered to seek Your name and worship You.

You alone are trustworthy; You are loving, and You are


We told You our fears; You saw our hearts and stilled us to

quiet trust. Selah

We put our hope in You Lord — for all of Your plans are good;

You are faithful to Your own.

You O God will never leave us or

forsake us.


Spirit of God You have led us and shaped us and filled us with


You provide food, shelter, friendship—

homes away from home.

We have enough to share because You are a

generous God. Selah

Let the nations call out to You and find You


Let us serve alongside You, those who are hurting.

Pour out Your salvation like living springs around the globe.

Heal the earth Lord; forgive us our sins and

heal our lands and

hearts. Selah

We look to You; we worship You because You

O Lord are glorious and

You O Lord are compassionate!

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