Overwhelmed by Brokenness

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Pink flowers decorate the outer wall of a beige building.

San Pablito, Mexico is a beautiful community built on the side of a mountain with radiant flowers, trees, and fruit. The people are welcoming, and hospitality is their natural gift. However, there is also much brokenness. During one of our weekly meetings I was overwhelmed by the weight of this brokenness and wondered, “How are we ever going to help bring change?”

As we began our morning devotional, God spoke powerfully to me, giving me tremendous hope. He said, “This is not My plan for My people. I have something better that leads to life! And you can share this plan, this hope, to others!”

Through the life of Jesus, we learn about what the Kingdom of God looks like, His perfect plan for His people. He gives us guidelines on how to live a blessed life, full of hope in the darkness.

Pray that God will open the hearts of the people in San Pablito to receive His hope.
Call to action: Ask God to speak into your life on what His plans are for you, or for someone you know.

This story is part of On Mission Together (OMT) November-December 2019 issue.
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