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June 3, 2022 | 2 minute read
The Alliance Canada

On Mission, Volume 5 Cover. Why we go on mission.

On Mission Vol. 5 is now available for free. Read stories about the theology of mission and why we go.

You can download volumes 1-5 here.

This book is the fifth in a series of ON MISSION books. The first three books are stories of Canadian Alliance message bearers who worked on the frontlines sharing the message of good news through life and word with the nations. Volume four is about how Alliance churches, the sending agency (Global Ministries), and various specialists provide support and care to keep international workers on the frontlines.
This fifth volume speaks to the question, “Why do we go?” Why is the Canadian Alliance so committed to missions? Why do we place workers within least-reached people groups? Why do we raise millions of dollars for missions? Why are we so receptive to new immigrants? Why do some churches sponsor refugees? Why do some of us befriend international students at our local university?
For this volume, Mabiala Kenzo and I invited various Canadian Alliance thinkers and writers to speak to the question, “Why do we go?” Their essays fall into three broad categories: the theology of mission or why we go, followed by the strategic issues of how we go, and then some of the issues around our going.
Those who use computerized technology understand the process of refreshing and rebooting. Our hope is for this book to serve as a reboot for the Canadian Alliance to increasingly join God in His mission to engage the nations, locally and globally, with the Good News of Jesus.
Ron Brown, Co-editor

One hundred thirty-eight years after the first group of missionaries went to “the regions beyond” under the banner of the Alliance, the same spirit lives on—or does it?
After so many years of missionary engagement and in light of the movement’s undeniable success as well as the new challenges it faces, it is only proper to pause and ask ourselves, “Why we go?” This is the question On Mission, Volume 5 seeks to answer. The question is being addressed from different perspectives, which include—but are not limited to—biblical, historical, theological, missiological, and practical perspectives. All the contributors, as “reflective practitioners,” are highly qualified to speak to the issues in depth.
Yet, the explicit intention of the book is not to offer an in-depth treatment of their respective topics. Privilege was accorded to plurality and accessibility. The contributors were asked to follow specific guidelines. There was first the need for authenticity, speaking with one’s voice out of one’s own context and experience. Two of the contributions are in non-Western languages, Chinese and Vietnamese, offering only abstracts to English readers. Then there was the necessity of relevance, ensuring the essays remain pertinent to the book’s central concern. And finally, there was the requirement of simplicity, keeping in mind the educated layperson in our local churches as our primary reader.
Mabiala Justin-Robert Kenzo, Co-editor

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