October 2021 – A Call to a Month of Prayer on Unity

September 29, 2021 | < 1
David Hearn


Dear Alliance Family,

All of us have found ourselves in uncharted waters as we struggle to deal with the new realities imposed on us by COVID-19. The Board of Directors and I want to commend you for the dexterity, grace, and creativity you have demonstrated as you have dealt with, and continue to navigate, this incredible and unprecedented time.

You have pivoted numerous times as government restrictions and public health mandates have required ongoing and often complex changes, and yet you have remained engaged and on mission.

We urge you to keep your focus on the Gospel and our overarching mission to bring access to Jesus where few or none have heard. It will require godly wisdom to navigate these unknown and unfamiliar dialogues. Let us rise above the social and cultural rhetoric to champion a Kingdom culture, and gently, with grace, teach that interpersonal disagreement over issues like the lockdown or vaccination cannot be marred by anger and hatred.

As president, the very first address I gave after I was elected was a plea to ‘stay in the room.’ It was in response to a situation that could have divided the Alliance. Once again, my call is to ‘stay in the room.’

The Alliance holds the core value, “We do nothing until we pray.” With this in mind the Board and I passionately call our leaders and churches to pray throughout the month of October, with a focus on unity.

Please take a few minutes to watch this video and explore the resources we have created for you at the links below. The resources will help guide you week by week throughout the month of October on how to pray for unity using Scripture.

Prayer Guide Updated 10/7

Extended Prayer Guide Updated 10/7




David Hearn

David’s passion is to see The Alliance Canada as a Christ-centred, Spirit-empowered, and Mission-focused movement. He often quotes A.B. Simpson, founder of the Alliance, who declared, "This movement stands for a spirit of self-sacrifice, adjustment, adaptation and single-hearted love for people. We are called to a spirit so possessed with one supreme object, to gain men and women for Christ, that it sweeps over every other consideration in its over mastering purpose of love."

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