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January 12, 2022 | < 1
Ace & Cecilia Cheung

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Last year, two Tuaregs were the first Christians to visit a remote village in Niger.

On the way to meet a radio program listener, they stopped in this village to share God’s Word. The village chief told them they were openly welcomed because they were also Tuaregs. After a night of discussion, the believers went on to meet the radio program listener and left an SD card for the chief to hear more stories of truth from the Bible.

Over the last month, 15 listeners called in to express their appreciation of the Tamajaq radio programs. Thanks to your support along with other partners, five radio stations now broadcast Bible programs in Tamajaq, the language of Tuaregs, a total of 15 times a week. These programs reach across Niger, including areas of insecurity.

One of the believers who fields calls from listeners asked that we pray for wisdom for him, to strategically share God’s Word in regions never visited by Christians. He offers interested listeners more programs through WhatsApp or SD cards.

Join us, the believer who fields calls, and our partners in prayer for the Gospel to reach Tuaregs who have never heard the truth of Jesus Christ. Pray that they may have the opportunity to know Him.




Ace & Cecilia Cheung

Ace Cheung is a family physician, and has been serving with his wife, Cecilia, as international workers in Niger since 2006.

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