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Love in Motion 2016 - Update

October 26th, 2016 | in Alliance News |    1   

Love in Motion - Gift to Church at the ManorPastors Jack and Sharon Ninaber of the Church at the Manor Guelph are presented with Love in Motion (LIM) monies raised this year. Pastors Aaron Owen and Wayne Kerr, who are pastoral members on the LIM leadership team, had the privilege of preaching the Word and presenting the love gift of over $22,000.00. These were monies raised by the riders of the Central Canadian and Eastern Canadian districts.

We are so thankful for the Windsor, Chatham, Kitchener, Orangeville and Midland churches who hosted LIM by providing food and/or lodging along the way.  Love in Motion also presented U R Home Ministries with a gift of the same amount.  Below you see a picture of Aaron and Wayne presenting the U R Home cheque to Garyy James, pastor of Valley View Alliance Church in Newmarket. 

Love in Motion - Gift to U R Home

Most riders join for the joy of riding, but most testify that it has been a spiritual journey as they cycled with riders in their teens and each decade after that to their seventies. Counting those who rode, who provided assistance, donated money through the riders, and committed to pray for the ride, there were over 1000 participants. 

Very few things we do districtwide or nationwide involve such a range of age and spiritual maturity. Each ride has members who are not Christ followers but witness Love in Motion during the week and are moved forward in their commitment to Christ.

Congratulations Love in Motion, for your investment in the Church at the Manor’s and U R Home ministries!

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Nickson obimbo
November 8th, 2016

Hi, to you my fellow Christian I do great you for the name of all Jesus christ, for my side I'm fine,by the name I'm so called Nickson obimbo, who came from Tanzania in East Africa.
In additionI'm so glad to hear about what you are doing to make sure that the word of God is reaching to the people whose never heared about the word of God, thanks and God bless you.