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In Depth – St. Lawrence District Superintendent, Rev. Dr. Mabiala Kenzo

November 9th, 2017 | in Districts |    0   

We warmly welcome Rev. Dr. Mabiala Kenzo, new St. Lawrence District (Quebec) District Superintendent, at the Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada. 

Dr. Kenzo served as president of the Congo Alliance Church in the Democratic Republic of Congo from 2010 to 2017. This national church has an inclusive membership of over 1,600,000 with 650 organized churches and 674 active ordained pastors. He also has extensive experience as a professor of theology, including teaching at Ambrose Seminary (formerly Canadian Theological Seminary) since 1998 and at ETEQ in Quebec.Mabiala Kenzo

Dr. Kenzo and his wife, Lau, have five children. When it’s football season in Canada, you can count on Dr. Kenzo to be cheering for the Saskatchewan Roughriders. He’s also a fan of the Calgary Flames and the Chicago Bulls for those who want to connect with him over an in-depth sports discussion.

We had a chance to sit down with Dr. Kenzo to dig a little deeper. Within the brief time we’ve spent with him, we’ve already sensed his excitement and passion for the churches and communities in the St. Lawrence District. It is truly an exciting time to see how God will work and raise up leaders in Quebec. Here’s what he had to say:

Q: After hearing your testimony, what encouragements can you give to those that may be walking down a similar path to yours? People who have grown up in the church, in a Christian home, but feel like it may not be for them.

A: To parents, they should never give up. God changed me overnight despite the number of years my parents tried to change me. God will always use what we, as parents, sow in our children. We may not see the results right away but in God’s time, the results will come.

To kids, the best way to move forward is to give it a try for yourself. It won’t work when you’re doing it for someone else. Remove the influence of your parents out of the picture. It’s not about doing it to please or displease them, try it for yourself. There is room and space for a personal experience with Christ. Be expressive in your faith, in your own unique way. That’s my testimony. God in His time transformed me when I wasn’t doing it for my parents or anyone else.

Q: From Congo to the St. Lawrence District. How did God lead you here?

A: Simply speaking, I made myself available to what God can do in me and through me. I also want to say I got caught into my own trap. For years, Quebec has played a major role in my mind and heart. I did an internship in Quebec back in the early 1980s and I’ve been praying intently for Quebec since. I prayed and often asked, “What if God uses this province to play a major role in the French-speaking world?” There is no evangelical leadership in the French-speaking world but Quebec can play a major role and champion the evangelical movement within the Francophonie community. As we were planning our transition out of Congo, this opportunity for the St. Lawrence District opened up. I initially denied it in my mind but the Lord began to challenge me and asked me, “If you are serious about your prayer, why won’t you make yourself available?” So here I am today! 

Q: What are you most excited about and looking forward to in your new role?

A: I look forward to seeing a new generation, a renewed generation of leaders. Leaders who are on fire for the Lord and push boundaries through the power of God. People getting excited about Christ, excited about their faith, and the message we carry of Christ being the hope of the world. It’s the belief that it can happen that gets me excited.

Q: We heard about some challenges and exciting visions you have for the District, could you also share some encouraging things that you see already happening there?

A: There are many encouraging things happening in Quebec. I think the biggest asset we have in the district is the men and women who are passionately serving God. I’ve been spending my first few months meeting them and every time I meet a worker, I am impressed by what God is doing in and through them. A second asset is the different areas of growth that are happening right now within the ethnic churches such as the Chinese ministries and the Vietnamese ministries. One of our New Ventures’ churches, the180, takes on a whole new approach that is dynamic in re-engaging people with Jesus. All of this tells me what we are dreaming of isn’t a dream, it can be a reality. It is possible. It has happened right here in Quebec.

We know in the season of transition, there may be uncertainties and fear. Please continue to pray for Dr. Kenzo and the St. Lawrence District:

• Pray for courage, unity and peace during this period of transition.
• Pray for continued spiritual deliverance and revival, trust that God can do more in the St. Lawrence District, and churches can be more than conquerors for God’s glory.
• Pray for leaders to be raised up and used by God.
• Pray for churches to be more mission-focused and mission-minded.

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