National Statement on Racism

June 10, 2020 | 2 minute read
The Alliance Canada


We are shocked and saddened by recent events and headlines, both in the US and Canada. We acknowledge that racial injustice continues today in Canada for Black Canadians, Indigenous people, and many other persons of colour.

Racism is a denial of God’s image in every human being (Gen 1:27), and a failure to join in God’s vision of every nation, tribe, people, and language gathering in front of his throne (Rev 7:9). While this vision drives our work in countries around the world, today we are reminded that there is still much to do here at home.

We denounce racism in all its forms. We repent of our racial prejudice, our actions, and for the times our lack of action has perpetuated inequality. We lament the pain of racial discrimination that so many have experienced, even in our churches. We hope for and will actively work toward a better way forward.

We are committed to taking next steps. Internally, we commit to listening to and learning from persons of colour from inside and outside of our own churches and organization. We commit to learning from those churches and leaders who are further ahead on this issue in order to better resource our Districts, churches, and leaders.

Externally, we commit to working with our partners, such as the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada, to speak with a unified voice and to advocate for justice here in Canada.


A Prayer for Justice

“…Love your neighbour as well as you do yourself.” – Jesus, Luke 10:27

O God, as Christ-followers, we grieve today with our neighbours who are victims of racism and injustice, with our divided communities, and with our troubled world.

We cry out to you from the depths of our grief, and we are desperate for you to hear us and to show us the way to lasting change.

We confess that we fail to love you, Lord God, when we fail to love others as equals, created by you, and precious in your sight.

We acknowledge that we would have no hope if you were to hold us to account for our lack of regard and avoidance of our neighbours who do not look like us or see things just as we do.

But with you there is forgiveness in Christ Jesus, and so we hope for a better future, not just for us but for all.

Father, we agree with you that racism is sin. Forgive us for our racist thoughts, words, and actions. We denounce and repudiate the sin of racism in ourselves and others.

Lord Jesus, we acknowledge our need for your forgiveness today and for strength to commit ourselves to restoring dignity and hope for all your creation, whatever the cost to our position and comforts.

Holy Spirit, we ask for your transforming strength to make ourselves vulnerable, to risk our privileges so that you might use us in these desperate times to accomplish your perfect will around this earth, as it is in Heaven. Amen



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