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The homeless and working poor often live in motels during times of transitions. Circumstances and duration in a motel may vary, but the need for acceptance, friendship, hope, interaction, and understanding is common among this population.

For nearly two decades John Russell has been serving among homeless and low-income individuals. Through partnering with New Ventures, John, and a group of people from Bayridge Alliance, launched Kingston Motel Ministry.

The primary focus of Kingston Motel Ministry is to be the hands and feet of Christ, expressing love and kindness toward the unnoticed and forgotten in the community and city of Kingston. The ministry reaches out to build relationships and to share the good news of Jesus, by showing love and compassion: through a hug, prayer, sharing a coffee, meals, by providing clothes, food, mattresses, or simply connecting through eye contact and a friendly smile.

Pray for continued and ongoing meaningful connections within the motel community.
Call to action: Consider how you can connect with someone who needs hope: buy them a coffee, offer them a smile, or ask if you can pray with them.

This story is part of On Mission Together (OMT) November-December 2019 issue.
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