Global Ministries


The Christian and Missionary Alliance (C&MA) was built on the foundational command to “go and make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:19) and has lived it out since the 1800s. Our founder, A.B. Simpson, said that The C&MA "aims to reach the most neglected fields, to avoid the beaten tracks of other laborers, to press on to the regions beyond and instead of building upon another man’s foundation to preach the Gospel where Christ has not been named."


Jesus motivates us to go, to live on mission, aiming to be a Christ-centred, Spirit-empowered, Mission-focused movement. Our churches send people to live on mission as International Workers (IWs) among least-reached people groups all around the world. With approximately 250 IWs, more than 40% are in countries that closed their doors to traditional missionaries long ago. These countries are now referred to as Creative Access Countries (CAC).

Least-Reached People Groups (LRPG)

The Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada is committed to bring awareness and raise funds to send and support workers ministering to least-reached people groups. We want to bring access to Jesus.

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Our churches in Canada are committed to sending people to all regions of the world serving in one of our four ministry track.

IWs live in almost every setting imaginable, from rural sustenance communities to high-energy urban streets, in countries that protect freedom of expression and those that suppress it.

Our workers are respectfully immersed in other cultures living, loving, and doing life with them. When local people become leaders who will disciple more people to follow Jesus, our workers step aside and look for other corners of the world where God will use them again.

How are these workers supported in the field? Each worker’s cost of living in the country where he or she serves comes from the Global Advance Fund (GAF). Through the GAF, IWs are able to bring access to Jesus.

Become an International Worker

We have international workers (IWs) all over the world who are serving on mission so more people will have access to Jesus. Are you willing to join the team?

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International Trips

International trips can be very impactful for churches and individuals desiring to visit international workers (IWs) of the C&MA in Canada. In order to assist in the planning and preparation process, we have compiled a list of important steps to ensure the best trip possible for you and/or your group.

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International Work Projects

International Work Projects are opportunities to experience hands-on missions and assist our IWs and national churches by becoming involved in practical ways, such as on-site construction or renovation projects.