Love Always Trusts

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Two smiling girls hold up their fingers that have blue paint on them.

Right before sharing time, she crossed the room, took off her hijab, and tied it around another girl’s head.

“It’s so warm in here,” her friend commented.

The theme of the day was “Love always trusts.” Yes, we were all growing in relational trust.

The next thing I knew, I felt the hijab being tied around my head. The room got warmer, and I imagined myself inside her cultural reality. How can I make her aware of the Spirit’s presence here? How can I also provide room for the girls to express themselves and build cultural bridges with myself and the others in the group?

As much as I enjoy making time and space for people in my life, my continual question is how I can make room for more awareness of Christ’s presence. Will I let Him work, reorganize pieces, and add and subtract as He desires? The appropriate words at the appropriate time?

Pray with Anne as she continues to make room for awareness of Christ’s presence among the people she is working with. Pray also that the girls will be open to learning more about Jesus and who He is.

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