Lipstick Means Celebration

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Three colours of lipstick are side by side.

Recently, I was invited to join a teammate to meet a sweet new baby girl, the 4th  girl and 6th  child for her family, who are part of the people group that I work with. Just before coming to get me, my teammate texted me, “Do you have any lipstick? If so, make sure you wear some!”

There is often disappointment surrounding the birth of a girl, and for the women in this people group lipstick means celebration. So, on this visit we made sure to wear an extra noticeable shade of lipstick along with some shiny earrings for good measure!

My teammate wanted to make sure this family knew that we were excited to meet their new baby girl and communicate that she is a precious gift.

Little baby ‘Sara’ was so sweet and snuggly, and it was good to spend time with her mom and teenage sister.

This month I am really missing my friends, family and the many children in my life, so it’s good to remember there are many children here to love too. As I was holding this baby, I thought to myself how exciting that she could grow up in a world where she hears of the one who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life!

While visiting, my co-worker prayed aloud in our friend’s language, for Sara; in my heart I was praying that this little girl would be treasured in her family, and that one day she would hear the Good News and receive adoption as a daughter of the King.

Pray that Sara and her family would come to know Jesus and place their trust in Him.

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