Urban Professionals in Mexico City

Way of Life

The spiritual ground in this city has been hard. Family dynamics are extremely complex, and the pace of life in the megalopolis is unfathomable. It is not unusual to leave home at 7:00 a.m. and return after 9:00 p.m. This leaves little to no time for family or close friendships. Add to this high crime rates and violence, corruption as a daily norm, and air quality that is among the worst in the world; the challenges multiply, affecting every area of life in Mexico City. Considering the demands of a very busy metropolitan city and the pressure towards near-workaholism, it is no surprise that these professionals face challenges such as alcoholism, drug use, and marital and family stress. The frantic pace of life, paired with heavy traffic to and from work, creates increased stress for mothers who face dynamics similar to those of singleparent families.



Pronunciation: Meks-ico
Population: 7.6 Million
Location: Mexico City
Ethnicity: Mexican/Latin American
Language: Spanish
Professing Christian: 1.2%

source: C&MA in Canada Global Ministries

Beliefs & Culture

Upper management experience and training translates into capacities for discipleship, leadership development, interpersonal relational ability, and strategic thinking. This people group lives in broad, expansive worldviews; they have seen, travelled, and interacted with other international people. However, the drive for affirmation and recognition through profession and position only perpetuates the cycle of deep loneliness and desperation from one generation to the next. Much work and prayer is needed.

The Work So Far

At first glance, the urban professionals of Mexico City may not seem to have great need, indeed, “urban” and “professional” are two words not often spoken when describing international missionary works; but so many— nearly 99% — still haven’t been reached by the Gospel! Through the Jaffray Project, we want to share the love of Jesus with them. This group of people, once they have received the Gospel, are uniquely positioned to reach the other least-reached people groups of Mexico with the message and love of Jesus Christ! How can such a massively busy group of people be discipled? How can we walk alongside, mentor, and build into them? Simply, we minister where there is greatest need. There is great opportunity for family and marriage ministry. Addiction issues are also a huge area of need, as alcohol, drugs, and other forms of coping with stress and the upheaval of urban life takes its toll. We serve the people, and do it in Christ’s name.

There is a great opportunity for family and marriage ministry

How to Pray for the Urban Professionals of Mexico City

Pray that the Lord will lead us to connect with people who will fully give their lives over to serving the Lord and His plans.

Pray that professionals will discover meaning and purpose in Christ.

Pray that people will support this ministry in prayer and in financial giving, and that God will bless them through their support.

Pray that International Workers from this professional class will be sent from Mexico to the least-reached people groups around the world.

Pray that a spiritual DNA of reaching out to the least-reached people groups will permeate our leaders and even new believers.


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