Way of Life

Spain has infinitely more to offer than the stereotypical paellas and flamenco shows. It is celebrated for its climate, natural beauty, arts and crafts, architecture, fashion, night-life, gastronomy, sports facilities, culture, education, health care, and technical excellence in many fields. These factors ensure that Spaniards enjoy one of the highest qualities of life in Europe and the world.

The foundation of Spanish society is the family and community. In fact, social and family life are generally prioritized over work and Spaniards prefer to be in groups rather than by themselves.



Pronunciation: Speyn
Population: 4.6 Million
Location: Spain
Ethnicity: Spaniards
Language: Spanish
Professing Christian: 1.6% (evangelical)
The Evangelical population of Spain is less than 1% of population (46.5 million). Many of the Christians are immigrants from Latin America, Eastern Europe and Africa.


Beliefs & Culture

The right to freedom of religion is guaranteed under the Spanish constitution, although some extreme sects are prohibited. Evangelicals are considered to be a “sect” by most Spaniards. Spain is considered a primarily Roman Catholic country, but the percentage of practicing Catholics is rapidly decreasing. The fastest growing belief systems are Atheism and Islam.

The Work So Far

International workers (IWs) are creatively and strategically reaching the felt needs of Spanish society in various ways. English camps, children’s camps and events, marital and family counseling, and the arts are just a few of the channels through which the Gospel is shared.

Ministering in Spain includes working alongside our existing churches, which are comprised in great part by Latino immigrants. IWs are consistently providing practical training in a number of ways, including teaching at a modular Bible school (INFORMA), leadership mentoring, seminars, and retreats.

There are approximately 1,000,000 Moroccans in Spain, a very visible minority, who bring with them traditional and religious belief systems. A common method of engagement is via community centers where English and job skills are provided as a means of relationship building.

...providing practical training in a number of ways...

How to Pray for Spaniards

Pray that God will raise up Spanish national pastors and lay leaders. This has started to happen, praise God!

Pray for Jesus to be made known among the millions of immigrants, many of whom are Muslim and Eastern European.

Pray that God will send a spiritual awakening to Spain. The dense spiritual darkness that has historically covered the country can be defeated through prayer and the power of our Almighty God!


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