Kevin and Sandy

Our God Story

To glorify God by reaching out to the least-reached people groups and sharing the Good News.

Both Kevin and Sandy come from western Manitoba. They met in 1982 at a church sports event. Two years later, they were married and began an adventurous life that involved moving back and forth between the Middle East and Manitoba.

Prior to moving overseas, they experienced several careers including business ownership and teaching. They have two adult children who are married and living in Canada. Kevin and Sandy and their children spent almost nine years living in the Desert Sand region working with an Unreached People Group. In 2013, they, without their children, moved to the Silk Road region to work in media production.

Kevin and Sandy were both raised in Christian homes and received Christ at a young age. In their late twenties, Kevin and Sandy began searching for a deeper walk with Father which included praying for discernment concerning overseas ministry. It wasn’t until their thirties when they were invited to join a media ministry (because of Kevin’s technical skills) which produced videos that reached out to the people of the majority religion in the Desert Sand region that overseas ministry came to fruition.

They asked God to make it obvious that they were to leave Canada as they knew it would grieve their families and forever change relationships. Amazing events happened to begin the journey. One of these events occurred a year before they left. They prayed Sandy would get a job to help pay off debt, but she wasn’t going to apply for one. A week later, she was offered a teaching position. God opened the way!

After a time back in Canada to help reestablish their children’s return to Canadian living, Kevin and Sandy moved into the Silk Road region. Their host country’s population is extremely multicultural. Large cities are built in the midst of a dry, arid region that is desert as far as the eye can see. During the summer, temperatures can reach up to 50 degrees Celsius. They experience fast-paced modernity combined with old-world charm.

In the past, Kevin and Sandy worked for a video production ministry and helped bring the Gospel to an Unreached People Group found throughout the Desert Sand region. Kevin and Sandy are in awe of seeing how God works among the peoples of this region using miracles, dreams, and visions to bring them to faith. They have continued in media ministry in the Silk Road region where videos shown on satellite TV and the Internet have opened discussion for those of the majority faith. Most recently Kevin and Sandy have been asked to assist and support the Silk Road team with administration duties, Envision opportunities and video ministry.

The most challenging aspects of this work for Kevin and Sandy is the distance from their children and the spiritual oppression of their host region. They invite you to pray as they seek wisdom for living as a light within one of the least reached regions of the world.

Get Involved

a. Pray for them, their teammates and the people they work among as prayer in this region is the only thing that will move the hearts of the people to the Truth.
b. Give to the Kevin and Sandy’s support (Global Advance Fund), Kevin and Sandy’s work special, other approved specials in the region and sign up to receive their newsletter.
c. Come with a short-term team and experience the desert, meet the other IWs and spend time praying on the ground for the whole area


The Global Advance Fund covers our support and living expenses. All donations are tax deductible.  Make cheque payable to “C&MA Canada”.

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