My God Story

I am so thankful to have parents who regularly took me to a local church where I heard about Jesus and experienced His love through so many people. I made a decision to follow Jesus at a young age and was nurtured and discipled in my local church. I am grateful God chose to reveal Himself to me so early in my life and I feel privileged to have known who Jesus is for my entire life! God has used many things throughout my life to call me to missions, some of these include reading missionary biographies, cross-cultural friendships, travel opportunities, and leadership roles at a local summer Bible camp. I have always been particularly drawn to the Middle East and the specific people group I will be focused on are indigenous to a country my heart has loved since junior high! I sense God calling me to build friendships with the women, many of whom have had difficult lives and lack opportunity. These women are thirsty and longing for the hope only Jesus can offer!

Current Priorities

Initially I will be focused on learning language, building friendships, and exploring various ministry opportunities.

Throughout my 2-year apprenticeship I want to be continually asking, “God where is Your Spirit already moving in the Middle East and how are You calling me to join with You both now and in the future?”

My Vision

I long to see many hearts turning toward Jesus and that an indigenous expression of the body of Christ would be born among this people group.  I dream of the day when they will take the Good News of Jesus back to their home country, and that we would see a disciple-making movement spread among this least reached people group.


By joining with me in prayer, you are partnering in the work God is doing among the least reached in the Middle East, thank you so much! If you would like to receive my prayer letters, please email me.

Pray for me as I learn a new language and that I would be able to communicate effectively. 2) Pray that I would build quick and deep friendships with the people I spend time with. 3) Pray that I would be Jesus’ hands and feet, that people would experience His love through me

My Team

Silk Road Team

Least-reached People Group (LRPG)

We work with a South Asian LRPG living in the Middle East.  You can learn more by visiting our LRPG page.


Thank you so much for choosing to invest in sending me to the Middle East, I am deeply grateful for your partnership! By giving, you are joining what God is doing to provide access to Jesus to those who have not yet heard. Thank you for saying yes to the call of being a sender.



If you'd like to partner with us email me at:

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