The Jaffray Project

Who is Robert Jaffray?

Canadian Robert Jaffray (1873-1945) became a Christian at the age of 16. He soon came under the teaching of A. B. Simpson at The Missionary Training Institute in New York and sensed his calling to be a missionary to China. Being born into a wealthy family, Jaffray’s father intended to pass his business (the forerunner to The Globe and Mail), wealth, influence, power, and prestige on to his son on the condition that Jaffray gave up his plans for missions.

Robert Jaffray counted the cost and in obedience, chose to follow God letting go of status, wealth, comforts, and family to share the Good News with people who had never heard of Jesus. In 1897 under The Christian and Missionary Alliance, Jaffray was part of a group of new missionaries sent by A. B. Simpson to Wuzhou, China.

Jaffray Project, Jaffray Project

What is the purpose?

Like Robert Jaffray, we want to continue sharing the Good News! The Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada is committed to Jesus and His mission. We want to bring access to Jesus.

The Jaffray Project was introduced in 2016 to bring awareness and raise funds to send and support workers ministering to least-reached people groups (LRPG). These funds support workers in reaching LRPGs around the world.

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Jaffray Project, Jaffray Project

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Jaffray Project, Jaffray Project

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Jaffray Project, Jaffray Project

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