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The Yazidi

The C&MA is focused on sharing the Gospel with people who may never have heard of Jesus. Robert A. Jaffray, a missions pioneer in the 1900s, lived a life of risk focused on our mission, so we've named this special annual offering after him.

This year, we are able to go to Senegal and Northern Iraq, to three least-reached people groups: Fulani, Wolof, and Yazidi, through the Global Advance Fund (GAF). Without prayer and finances, we can't send people to share the Good News in these places. 

Churches, please set aside 1+ service in October to receive a Jaffray Offering. The videos and resources below will help you explain the offering. Click on each link below to download the resource package for that people group or topic. 

PromotionJaffery Offering Update

Offering Resources



If you have any questions about the Jaffray Offering, please contact Debbie, at debbie.law@cmacan.org