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Jaffray Offering 2017 | RADICAL SACRIFICE


Robert JaffrayRobert Jaffray (1873-1945) let go of status, financial and job security, inheritance, and family to share the Good News with people who had never heard of Jesus. 

Like Jaffray, let's keep sharing the Good News!  The Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada (C&MA) is focused on sharing the Gospel with people who may never have heard of Jesus.

This year's sacrificial donations will support C&MA Canada's work among least-reached people groups in Bali, Mexico City, Northern Iraq, and Senegal.   

The purpose of the Jaffray Offering 2017 is to raise funds for the Global Advance Fund (GAF) to send and support workers ministering to these least reached people groups:

- Balinese Hindus
- Urban Professionals in Mexico City
- Yazidis in Northern Iraq
- Wolof People
- Fulani People

The videos and resources below will help you explain the offering. Click on each link below to download the resource for Robert Jaffray or a people group.


Order at no cost to church:

Jaffray Offering bulletin insert with updates (up to 100 colour copies), a memory stick with all resources and videos, or download a digital copy of the insert.

(Send order requests to debbie.law@cmacan.org)


People Groups 2017