International Work Projects 2019

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International Work Projects, International Work Projects 2019

Love Jesus? Can Travel? Ready to put your hands and feet to work?

Then come serve on mission and together with C&MA International Workers and national churches, helping with on-site building construction and renovations!

International Work Projects, International Work Projects 2019  International Work Projects, International Work Projects 2019

Coming Up in 2019:

January 09–23:
Los Cabos, Mexico.
Continue assisting in the construction of the new church building for the Seeds of Grace Alliance Congregation in Los Cabos.
Needed: 8-10 people

February 20–March 06:
Panama City, Panama.
To assist our IWs Nick and Polly Tsang with the renovation of the office building they have purchased for the new home for the Agua Viva Alliance congregation.
Needed: 8-10 people

March 23–April 06:
Ensenada, Mexico.
Assist in the construction of a group home for challenged youth at the Centro Oasis AC Restoration Center.
Needed: 8-10 people

October: 19–November 02:
Mexico City, Mexico.
Assist in the completion of the third floor walls, including, drywall, plumbing, fixtures, and electrical in the Short Term Missions Center at the Atizapan Leon de Juda Alliance Church.
Needed: 8-10 people

Cost is approximately $2,500 to $2,800 per person.

To discuss these opportunities, contact Art Wiens, International Work Project Coordinator, at  or 1 (306) 536-0802.

We invite you to share about these projects in and through your church networks. Here’s a bulletin insert that you can print or share digitally (to save trees!).

International Work Projects, International Work Projects 2019  International Work Projects, International Work Projects 2019


2 Comments on “International Work Projects 2019”

  1. Avatar

    Having served as a missionary for a number of years in Indonesia, could I suggest that instead of recruiting 8 – 10 Canadians, a small team of perhaps 3 should go out and supervise local people to work on these projects. I am sure there would be labour available locally of a sufficiently high calibre to handle this work. Then leave tools with them so they can continue working for themselves.

    1. The C&MA in Canada

      Thank you very much for your feedback. We will share your feedback with the necessary parties involved with this initiative.

      These teams, made up of a regular core of people, are committed to working alongside nationals on these multi-phased projects and have a priority to share knowledge and skills, when needed, to improve quality of workmanship. As a practice we often leave tools after a project as well. These teams have also given us an opportunity to build a deeper relationship with the National Church.

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