God is Already There

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Table top view of four people sitting down to eat together.

Transitioning off the mission field to accepting the role as District Superintendent for the Eastern Canadian District has led to eye-opening conversations with our children. When faced with the nomination, we went for dinner as a family to discuss what our steps would be. The conversations ranged from tears to dreaming together.

Our youngest son was silent, until we arrived home and he pronounced, “Well, wherever we end up, God is already there waiting for us.” When discussing schooling options, our middle son stated that learning yet another language would allow us to understand an even greater number of people, but that we should consult God first. On a tearful taxi ride to the airport leaving Mexico City, my older son expressed how he was angry when God called him to Mexico but now he did not want to leave.

This has been a pattern—we often do not understand God’s leading in transitions and yet, over time, we come to realize how God is expanding our hearts. We did not want our children to miss a chance to be shepherded by Jesus through the change, but Jesus did not want us to miss a chance to remind us, through them, of His character.


Pray for Curtis, Tricia, and their family as they transitions into their new callings.
Praise God for their willingness to serve in their area of ministry.

This story is part of On Mission Together (OMT) September-October 2019 issue.
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