Gabriel and Iris Li

Our God Story

Developing relationships that produce transformational movements expressed through Kingdom communities among the most spiritually neglected in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Gabriel and Iris were both born and raised in Hong Kong. They were married in 1984 and now have two adult children.

Gabriel was baptized in December 1977 and has attended Alliance churches since 1979. God has shaped and trained him over the years through roles such as counsellor, deacon, and elder. Gabriel ran his own businesses prior to becoming a full-time pastor at North Edmonton Alliance Church in 2005. He has previously worked as a teacher and in the field of business development.

Iris was baptized in 1973. God also shaped her through serving as a choir member, counsellor, Sunday school teacher, and principal of a Chinese school.

Gabriel and Iris were called to living on mission through many short-term trips to countries in the Asian Spice and Caribbean Sun regions. God showed them the physical and spiritual needs of the people.

The Lis are involved in church planting in Aruba. They are reaching out to both the Chinese diaspora and the local Aruban people.

Aruba is an autonomous Dutch island in the Caribbean. Oranjestad is the capital, and Papiamento is the local language. Less than two per cent of the population is evangelical.

You can be involved with the Lis’ ministry in the following ways:

1. Donate to the GAF, their work fund, or their Aruba church planting fund.
2. Receive their newsletter and pray for them (email them to sign up).
3. Join a short-term team and serve with them.

Least-reached People Group (LRPG)

We work with a unique group of LRPG’s called the Hahn Chinese.  You can learn more about the Hahn Chinese by visiting our LRPG page.


The Global Advance Fund covers our support and living expenses. All donations are tax deductible.  Make cheque payable to “C&MA Canada”.



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