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Tears were streaming down his face. “This never happens,” he laughed embarrassed. “I thought I was going to be the one inspiring change, not the other way around.” I smiled as I handed him a tissue. I didn’t say what I was thinking, this always happens.

This is what I love about short-term missions (STMs). They are God’s classroom for us all; lessons of dependency, humility, God-awareness, responsibility to the nations, gratefulness, and much more. The way we do short-term missions however needs to be thought about differently. Do the STMs fit into long-term mission strategy? Is it just missions tourism?

Thankfully, the Spirit continues to lead the Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada (C&MA) as leaders set guidelines to shape strategies, and eyes and ears to adapt to what God is already doing. It is undeniable that God is growing His people through STMs. Through Envision Canada, the C&MA has aligned short-term trips to build into the strategies of international workers on the ground. Short-term trips through Envision will allow international workers to get their jobs done with the bigger picture in mind.

Here in the Caribbean Sun region, short-term teams will have the opportunity to work with indigenous groups that are considered least-reached through Inca Link. The teams may not go into the Amazon basin per se, but they encourage the national leaders who do go. Living on mission includes being proactive in reaching the nations, so what are you waiting for?

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