Gus and Annie Fung

Our God Story

Annie was saved by the work of two Jamaican missionaries from CEF (Children Evangelization Fellowship) in Hong Kong when she was a teenager. Gus received the Salvation Grace in an IVSF Retreat while attending university in Oregon. Serving short-term pastoral ministry in both Jamaica and Sweden and seeing particularly the need of Chinese Diaspora churches in Europe, Gus responded to God’s call for missions among diaspora groups on the continent. Annie prepared herself and served as a teacher for the needy children in a multi-cultural context in a poor neighborhood in London, UK. Gus facilitated the opportunity in pastoring a local Chinese church and leading them to reach out to the diaspora groups, incarcerated or free, in London for some years. He has also been called to serve Europe and the UK for their leaders and churches to be missional through Simply Mobilizing, while assuming leadership role in giving training and organizing courses.

Our Vision

Through our persistent work among diaspora groups in Europe, being Christ-centered, Spirit-empowered and mission-focused in what we do, we long to see every believer living a life on mission with God and, every church a missional church, facilitating God’s people on mission with God.

Current Priorities

Facilitate on-going networking meetings and courses with diaspora groups in Europe including the roll-out & implementation of new training programs and priorities.

Our Team

Silk Road - UK Team

Least-reached People Group (LRPG)

We work with the diaspora groups in Europe.


To sign up for our prayer letter contact: We are so thankful for your prayerful and financial supports. Our prayer requests and donation page are below.

  • Pray for our obedience to God’s Call.
  • Pray for our passions in mobilizing God’s people in churches and communities in the European nations.
  • Pray for the understanding and supply from our family, friends and supporters in continuing our diaspora mobilization ministry in UK and in Europe.


The GAF provides important supporting services for us to be on the team. All donations are tax deductible.  Make cheque payable to “C&MA Canada”.



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