Fort McMurray Flooding

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Fort City Church in Fort McMurray, Alberta is once again on the frontline of supporting their community through a natural disaster.

Four years ago, wildfires spread across their city. Though the city hasn’t fully recovered from the fires, the church is now on the frontline of another natural disaster as their city undergoes severe flooding.

In the video below, Doug Doyle, lead pastor at Fort City Church, explains how their church is supporting their community through the flooding while oil prices drop dramatically, and the world faces the pandemic. As the situation progresses, they want to be able to provide meals and help clean up homes, they also want to provide counselling and support to those who need it.

If you would like to give to support the work of Fort City Church you can do so at or e-transfer to

Pray that Fort City Church and all the churches in Fort McMurray would have the capacity and energy to really live and love like Jesus in powerful ways during this time of disaster. Pray that people would come to know Jesus during this time.

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