Fervent, Intentional Prayer

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Fervent Intentional Prayer, Fervent, Intentional Prayer

It started with fervent, intentional prayer. Prayer for Ambrose OnSite interns, Matt and Marie Klassen. Prayer walk in preparation for a prayer team coming from Ontario. This prayer team lifted up each one of the international workers on the ground. Prayer groups and a prayer network developed as a result, faithfully supporting the team here in Tokyo, Japan through prayer.

Intentional, frequent invitations to individuals to share our lives resulted in an interest in knowing the God whose love they had encountered while spending time with our team. Monthly events known as Community Gatherings create an environment to experience, question, and learn about the God of creation, salvation, and redemption.

Japanese women that we have encountered often felt a sense of “not enough”. We provide a safe place to share these feelings and in turn teach them we are enough in Christ through God’s Word. This has spurred women on to not only attend themselves, but to also invite friends to look at what the Bible says about who we are in Christ and how we should live daily in community with Him and with one another. God used all of this and gave us the privilege of baptizing four new believers on April 22, 2018!

Becoming followers of Christ and being taught by the Holy Spirit has been so natural for Mizuho, Masayo, and Yuko that when they realize what God used to draw them to Himself, they naturally share this with others and invite them to participate. These women have only known Christ for a short time, but are sharing scripture and resources with one another, encouraging one another, sharing their faith, and of course, praying for one another.

As we head into our home assignment year and prepare this group of new believers and seekers to support one another as Christ’s body, we are amazed at how the Holy Spirit is already leading them to use their gifts, and natural clusters of friends and experiences to reach others for Christ. These women are all young moms that have been encouraged by what the Bible has to say about raising their children. Their passion and desire are to help and nurture other young moms who are unsure of their own parenting skills. Through these interest groups, they recognize that God brings opportunities to share their faith and His love in a practical way that women can understand.

By God’s grace, He has provided mature believers and a pastor in the community to nurture and provide leadership during our absence. We’re prayerfully looking forward to see how God continues to lead and grow this community.

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