Family Unification Begins

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Family Unification Begins, Family Unification Begins

Thanks to the C&MA sponsorship program, two Syrian sisters celebrated their first Mothers Day picnic together after being separated for over six years. Their families were scattered due to the war ravaging their beloved city of Homs. One family found refuge in a camp in Lebanon, while the other made their way to Jordan. After three years of waiting, the family in Lebanon was chosen for the blended visa office referred program and co-sponsored by Mission Creek Alliance and Lake Country Alliance in 2015. By the spring of 2016 the application process began to reunite these two of four sisters.

After a long wait, the second family, also sponsored by Mission Creek Alliance, arrived in April 2018. Now, these seven young cousins are meeting for the first time and getting to know each other. Here they are enjoying reading with members of church sponsorship group.

Family Unification Begins, Family Unification Begins

They have been sharing bicycles, scooters, and toys. The English-speaking boys are helping their newly arrived cousins learn their new language and Canadian customs like how to wear a cap.

Family Unification Begins, Family Unification Begins

Sponsorship has been an enriching and joyful experience for both churches who are now focused on reunification. The process is now in motion for the two other sisters and families left behind in Jordan to be sponsored by Lake Country Alliance and another participating church. We are looking forward to the celebration when these four sisters, with their husbands and 15 young children, are all together after a long and difficult separation. God is at work in our midst!

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