Familiar Yet Foreign

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Asian Spice, Familiar Yet Foreign

As teenagers, Wendy and I moved with our families from Asia to North America. In 2016 we moved with our two preteen boys to Japan as international workers. Despite our own life experiences as third culture kids, adapting to a different culture while learning a new language was tough. We recently returned to Canada for home assignment and were surprised that coming back has also been tough. Toronto feels very familiar and yet, foreign.

However, the major difference between our moves before becoming international workers, and our moves after is that, now, we are moving with a bigger purpose. We are no longer moving for our own advancement in life, rather with advancement of the Gospel so that Japan can also have hope in Christ. God is moving, so why shouldn’t we?

Pray for Wendy and Henry, and their family, as they transition into their new callings.

Praise God for their willingness to serve in their areas of ministry.

This story is part of On Mission Together (OMT) September-October 2019 issue.
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