Envision Summit

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Envision Summit, Envision Summit

Envision Summit is an annual gathering of young leaders from across the Alliance family, coming together to worship, to learn, and to wrestle through hard topics. In 2018, Summit took place in Vancouver where we dove into the topics of local and global missions, as well as a time of repentance and deliverance through soul care. What did God reveal to these young leaders in Vancouver? Here is what they have to say. For more information on Envision Summit.

Envision Summit, Envision Summit

Myleen Bravo – Montreal, QC
We can’t do ministry without having a healthy soul, and the younger we do that, the better. Soul care should be mandatory for everyone in ministry! This is my second year attending Envision Summit and yet God worked into another layer of my heart. I thought I would be helping others more this year at Summit as I did soul care last year, but God totally brought different things into the light, a different layer. It was painful but necessary as I move into this next season of where God is calling me to. It was beyond my expectation even a second-time-around because it was a lot of work on my soul.

James* – Toronto, ONEnvision Summit, Envision Summit
The open sharing in the small group discussions were better than what I was anticipating. We were able to process some of the things we were learning together, there was mutual encouragement, finding wholeness, and trying to be a blessing to others. We were able to express some of our frustrations in a healthy environment.   * Name changed

Zach Hair – Calgary, ABEnvision Summit, Envision Summit
Envision Summit was different, I felt challenged in our small group discussions. I don’t get challenged with those kind of questions a lot, it was great to just sit and have really hard questions asked back to me. It was refreshing and left me with things to think about. Churches should send leaders to Envision Summit because it is uncomfortable. Yes, it wasn’t an easy week and that’s what I appreciated the most. Growth isn’t always easy, we need to be okay with being uncomfortable and tackling the tougher issues. Leaders are always learners, Summit is where we can learn and be challenged about why we do what we do.

Amanda Chan – Toronto, ONEnvision Summit, Envision Summit
What God taught me through the Envision Summit was that His church possesses a diversity that is beautiful yet disorienting. It came to my attention how important it is for the church to address how we ought to celebrate intercultural and intergenerational perspectives. I quickly learned how God was at work in all of our lives in very different ways while still being consistently Himself. He taught me that all parts of the Trinity are necessary in missions to understand, embrace, and celebrate.

This story is taken from the Fall 2018 Alliance Connection magazine. You can get a free copy of the Alliance Connection at Alliance churches across Canada or view the digital copy online. We hope you will be encouraged and inspired to go deeper in Jesus and as a result, further on mission.

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