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End Hunger

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The Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada is one of 15 denominations and church-based agencies that makes up the Canadian Foodgrains Bank (CFGB). They pool resources, both human and financial, and work collaboratively together in a Christian response to global hunger. Each member agency has a separate account (made up of direct donations) that enables them to implement food-related programming. The CFGB programming is supported by the Canadian Government’s Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development funding.

The Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada is one of the founding members in 1983.

Read the Canadian Foodgrains Bank 2016 Update.

What specific programming does CFGB and its members do?

  • Provide food assistance to people with immediate food needs internationally
  • Agricultural and livelihood programming to empower communities in the developing world to provide a sustainable food source through improved agricultural techniques and livelihood training
  • Nutrition programming to improve families and communities nutritional intake
  • Advocacy. In addition to supporting projects in the developing world, the Foodgrains Bank works to influence public policies necessary to ending hunger
  • Public awareness campaigns to deepen the engagement of Canadians in efforts to end global hunger

How can I support C&MA’s food programming work?

  1. Pray for the programs outlined below.
  2. Donate to the C&MA’s Food Aid account.
  3. Start or participate in a growing or community project.

What specific programming is the C&MA doing?

We are currently funding two multi-year Agricultural and Livelihood Projects and one Food Assistance project in Niger. Our implementing partner is Samaritan’s Purse-Niger.

cfgb-1.jpgThe Ourno Project is a three-year program located in south central Niger and is assisting 2,630 beneficiaries. 630 farmers (21 Communities, 30 farmers per community). The training with farmers includes farmer-managed agroforestry farming system, conservation farming technologies, and natural resource management.

Two thousand women (100 women’s groups of 20 women per group) are learning how to operate credit and savings groups and conduct income-generating activities to increase household economic security.

In addition, all men and women participants are implementing counter-season vegetable gardening to help improve household nutrition and consumption and tree planting through hands-on community gardening and tree nursery plots.

cfgb-2.jpgThe Tillibery Project is also a three-year Agricultural and Livelihood project in west central Niger. 300 smallholder farmers are participating in this initiative (20 of whom will participate in improved seed multiplication).

109 participants will be involved in cash for work flood prevention activities along the Niger River and 600 women are active in savings and livelihood training groups.

These program participants are also being trained to cultivate vegetables and cash crops in the off-season, as well as vegetables, trees and cash crops in the rainy season, allowing them to produce and consume nutritious foods all year and earn a consistent income.


Food Assistance: To compliment the above projects we are currently funding a food assistance project because the last harvest in Niger was ruined by erratic rains and drought and was insufficient and didn’t provide enough grain to last families the entire year. The hunger season as it is referred to is where families have exhausted their food stocks. During this period, families’ often only eat one meager meal a day. This project is providing food for 15,000 beneficiaries through these lean months until the new harvest is ready.

CFGB members often support one another’s projects. We have also been supporting the following with our C&MA equity: