My God Story

Shortly after Elizabeth came to know Jesus as a 5 year-old, a Grandma’s friend read her a missional story, planting a seed for the nations. Shortly after, her family moved back overseas, and God continued to instil in her a heart for the nations. God put a specific people group from the Asian Spice region on Elizabeth’s heart during her university years. He then brought people into her life that helped to foster the dream that this people group would come to know Jesus. A couple years ago, as Elizabeth started the process of heading overseas, God began to give her specific themes and prayers to pray over this people group. When she did a vision trip, she was thrilled to see that the themes that she had been praying were the same themes that IWs who were on the ground had been faithfully praying for years. God continues to amaze Elizabeth and her coworkers by giving them themes that they have crafted into a prayer to pray for their people group.

Current Priorities

Elizabeth is currently in the Apprentice program where she gets to learn language/culture, teach part-time, and engage in the business that reaches out to their people group. Right now, engaging with her people group looks like focused prayer, building relationships, and being part of community events that come up. God is continuing to stretch her by providing new opportunities, and yet always whispers, “keep your eyes on me.” Part of her journey has been about discovering identity in Christ and her belovedness as a daughter. This is her heart for her people group as well, that they would be set free from fear and hopelessness and know their identity as beloved sons and daughters. That they would come alive and be who God created them to be!


Pray that meaningful relationships would develop with the people Elizabeth works with.

Pray that this people group would be set free from fear and hopelessness and come to know the Father’s perfect love for them!

Pray for Elizabeth, her team, and their fellowship, that they would continue to be unified together in love. That they would have attentive ears to hear what God is saying and that they would rely on the Holy Spirit’s empowerment for what He has called them to do.


The Global Advance Fund covers our support and living expenses. All donations are tax deductible.  Make cheque payable to “C&MA Canada”.


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