Dan and Ruth

Our God Story

To be people who are known by how well we love and serve in our ministry. We love because He loved us first, and we serve because our Saviour came into this world to serve the least of these with compassion, justice, mercy, and love.
Our team’s vision is to see a world in which women are treated with dignity and respect and, regardless of their past, are able to become members of society and are not seen as the labels they used to carry but as children of God who bring forth light in their restored lives.

Dan and Ruth were both born and raised in Canada but on opposite sides of the country. Ruth was raised on the west coast in a pastor’s family, and Dan was raised in Ontario in a first generation Italian home. Both Dan and Ruth accepted Jesus at an early age.

God instilled in Dan a heart for justice at an early age; he was involved in many projects targeting those on the fringe of society and marginalized. He had a transforming conversation with God at the age of 19 while serving on a short-term trip to Cuba, answering God's call to international work and long-term overseas service. He traveled to Kenya multiple times over seven years, creating a foundation involving community development and building schools.

Ruth felt the call at the young age of eight. She travelled with her parents, who provided member care to international workers in a Silk Road region country. Ruth traveled independently to this same country in her teens and worked with orphans in South Africa in her early twenties. Ruth always found herself drawn to caring for individuals who had experienced grief and trauma and feels a strong call from God to care for the brokenhearted and those who need inner-healing.

Dan and Ruth met on a blind date in Calgary, AB, while Dan was serving as a police officer and Ruth was a registered nurse. They married 10 months later. After returning from their honeymoon, they started asking God what plans He had for them as a new family.

As Dan and Ruth sought God's leadership for their lives, they continued to walk through the doors He opened, and they are now serving in a country working to bring hope and a new way of life for those who have been trafficked. They deeply sense and see God's intentional placement of them there.

Since arriving in their host country, Dan and Ruth are more certain of God's faithfulness and His daily and active role in their lives. They are also more aware of the darkness in this world and the need for God’s people to be active and alive and sharing His Name with this broken world.

The ministry Dan and Ruth work for started in 2008, providing a place of refuge for women and young girls exiting sex trafficking. The ministry works to provide them with physical, emotional, educational, vocational, and Christian development training.

Dan accepted the role as country director and oversees the ministry alongside national staff. His role also coordinates the business as mission ventures that have been started to support the ministry to girls and women as a source of fund development and vocational training support. One business is a cafe and the other is in agriculture.

Ruth has the heart to provide emotional and spiritual support and counselling to the girls and women who have exited traumatic situations. Ruth has plans on completing a master’s degree in counselling to further help them.
Ruth has also used her creative skills to help develop a business initiative that creates beautiful jewellery pieces and provides work for the girls and women. This role gives Ruth the opportunity to bless the women with a much-needed source of income, and more importantly, an opportunity for her to build relationships with these women as they transition into a safe place of refuge.

Get Involved

You can get involved with Dan and Ruth’s ministry by signing up for their personal and project newsletters.

Dan and Ruth believe in the power of prayer and continue to seek partnerships with people, small groups, and churches that will join them in praying for those trapped in the grips of trafficking and for the Gospel to be heard by all people.

You can financially support Dan and Ruth by giving to the Global Advance Fun as well as their approved special—Tricked, Trafficked, and Treasured. As the program grows with increasing participants each year, they will be looking at intentional partnerships to help the foundation purchase and build permanent homes and a vocational training centre.


The Global Advance Fund covers our support and living expenses. All donations are tax deductible.  Make cheque payable to "C&MA Canada".



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