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Donate to an International Worker

To donate to an international worker please find the worker below and click the donate link next to their name. For security reasons some of our workers are undisclosed workers;  you will find them at the bottom of this page. If you are having trouble finding the worker you are looking for please email donations@cmacan.org.


**To quickly find a worker's name hold the CTRL button on your keyboard and press the F key.  This will bring up a search bar that is built into your browser.**

Workers Last Name Workers First Name Region Link to Donate
Anderson Maida Silk Road Donate
Belsey Lois Asian Spice Donate
Bowler Katie Desert Sand Donate
Brown Rich and Elisa Caribbean Sun Donate
Bui Kim Asian Spice Donate
Burnett Derek and Bonnie Asian Spice Donate
Cameron Doug and Denise Desert Sand Donate
Chen Roger and Mira Desert Sand Donate
Cheung Ace and Cecilia Desert Sand Donate
Chin Victor and Betty Caribbean Sun Donate
Chuang Henry and Wendy Asian Spice Donate
Cook  John and Beth  Member Care  Donate
Derksen Murray and Michelle Caribbean Sun Donate
Dicke Marion Desert Sand Donate
Doell Curtis and Linda Caribbean Sun Donate
Driedger  Ken and Melanie  Multiple Regions Donate
Dube Michel and Denise Desert Sand Donate
Dueck Kaura-Lea Asian Spice Donate
Dyck Terry and Sandra  Asian Spice  Donate
Dyer Kelly Caribbean Sun Donate
Enns Richard and Merinda Desert Sand Donate
Ens David and Patti Asian Spice Donate
Franklin Lois Caribbean Sun Donate
Fung Gus and Annie Silk Road Donate
Gilbertson Karissa Silk Road Donate
Hahn de Cabezas Heather Caribbean Sun Donate
Herbold Darren and Naomi  Asian Spice Donate
Hiebert Chris and Angela Caribbean Sun Donate
Hodgkinson Anne Silk Road Donate
Hogenbirk Gerald and Dorothy Silk Road Donate
Hopf Kristi Desert Sand Donate
Howell Gary and Sharon Desert Sand Donate
Ibsen Cori Desert Sand Donate
Ibsen Dan and Melodie Desert Sand Donate
Kilbrai Rick and Susan Caribbean Sun Donate
Klassen Ernie and Marilyn  Silk Road Donate
Kornelson Laura Asian Spice Donate
Kuranji Danny and Vera Silk Road Donate
Lau Edmond and Anne Caribbean Sun  Donate
Lau Jacky and Anne  Multiple Regions  Donate
Lavoie Lizette Desert Sand Donate
Li Gabriel and Iris Caribbean Sun Donate
Lobbezoo Bill and Ilana Asian Spice Donate
Louie Anne Caribbean Sun Donate
Love Don and Carol  Asian Spice Donate
Lu Albert and Elaine Asian Spice Donate
McElhone Mary Asian Spice Donate
McIver Paul and Chantelle Desert Sand Donate
McLeod Barry and Geraldine Caribbean Sun Donate
Milanowski Glen and Ivy Silk Road  Donate
Nguyen Thu and Hanh Asian Spice Donate
Orr Don and Betty Silk Road Donate
Perry Ray and Cindy Caribbean Sun Donate
Petyrs Kyrt and Kym Silk Road Donate
Polischuk Darren and Minako  Asian Spice Donate
Reeve Warren and Debbie  Silk Road  Donate
Reverente Joze and Jocelyn Desert Sand Donate
Rohrick Lisa Desert Sand Donate
Ross Rebecca Caribbean Sun Donate
Schmidt Mike and Cynthia Asian Spice Donate
Shareski Ralph and Ruth Silk Road Donate
Shaw David and Marilyn Caribbean Sun Donate
Tjosvold Tim and Brenda Desert Sand Donate
Ulriksen Chris and Terra-Lynn Caribbean Sun Donate
Van Essen Dan and Jenica  Caribbean Sun Donate
White Lorne and Kathy-Lu Asian Spice Donate
Wong Manjohn and Christina Caribbean Sun Donate
Woon Doug and Carol  Asian Spice Donate
Yarbrough Bear and Vanessa Caribbean Sun Donate
Undisclosed Workers:    
Asian Spice
--- Barclay Asian Spice Donate
--- Bella Asian Spice Donate
--- Bingo and Bell  Asian Spice Donate
--- Bob and Karin Asian Spice Donate
--- Dan and Melissa  Asian Spice Donate
--- Dan and Ruth Asian Spice Donate
--- Drew and Destiny  Asian Spice Donate
--- Freedom and Emmanuelle Asian Spice Donate
--- Gerry and Carrie Asian Spice Donate
--- Grnt and Snd Asian Spice Donate
--- Grth and Mnc Asian Spice Donate
--- Henry and Ruth Asian Spice Donate
--- Keith and Heather Asian Spice Donate
--- Lisa Asian Spice Donate
--- Mark and Paula Asian Spice Donate
--- Michaela Asian Spice Donate
--- Mtt and Cnn Asian Spice Donate
--- Nd and Jnt  Asian Spice Donate
--- Rhnd Wlsn Asian Spice Donate
---  Stephen and Gail  Asian Spice Donate
--- Ting Asian Spice Donate
---  Travis and Erin  Asian Spice Donate
--- Wes and Nancy
Asian Spice Donate
Caribbean Sun  
--- Blake and Kathy  Caribbean Sun Donate
--- Curtis and Tricia  Caribbean Sun Donate
--- Gaileen Caribbean Sun Donate
--- Steve and Heidi  Caribbean Sun Donate
Silk Road  
--- Christal Silk Road Donate
--- Dan and Darrah Silk Road Donate
--- Dick and Karin Silk Road Donate
--- Hans and Ruth Silk Road Donate
--- Jonathan and Ruth Silk Road Donate
--- Ke||y and Jo|ene Silk Road Donate
--- Kevin and Sandy Silk Road Donate
--- Lorne and Vivian Silk Road Donate
--- Marwan and Inge Silk Road Donate
--- Pabl-o and Silvin-a Silk Road Donate
--- Paulo and Phoebe Silk Road Donate
--- Petr and Celst Silk Road Donate
--- Rahul and Dawna Silk Road Donate
--- Ricky  Silk Road Donate
--- Riley and Bronwyn Silk Road Donate
--- Roup and Len Silk Road Donate
--- Wade and Cara Silk Road Donate
Desert Sand  
--- Colette  Desert Sand  Donate
--- Dave and Jen  Desert Sand  Donate
--- Rachel  Desert Sand  Donate
--- Ray and Kathy  Desert Sand  Donate
  Ricky  Desert Sand  Donate
Still can't find them? To donate to workers not on this page >>>>> Donate