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July 20, 2021 | 2 minute read
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Early in 2014, a young man came to the “Nations Learning Center” (NLC). Amir* was really outgoing and became a regular at our English classes. In 2015, when we began doing interviews for the UNHCR to help our students become registered as refugees, Amir was one of the first students that we were able to help.

At NLC we would play stories from the Bible in the Rohingya language weekly. Amir always showed interest in these stories. After a couple of years attending NLC, and listening to God’s Word, one of our volunteers heard Amir give his life to Jesus. In 2018 that volunteer, his wife, Karin, and I went and witnessed Amir be baptized. His journey has been one of incredible growth in his walk with Jesus. One of my good friends has been working with Amir and equipping him to tell his own people about Jesus.

Last week, Amir called me, and we had a great conversation. He told me how he was going to many Rohingya and they would listen to the Bible together in their heart language. He said, “Thousands of Rohingya are living in darkness. But everyday there are multiple followers of Jesus.” He says that there are many Rohingya following Jesus in our country.

He said to me, “Thank you very much. Thank you for NLC where I received the Good News. Thanks to the Lord Jesus. I knew nothing about life before I accept Jesus in my life. I can feel rest after I accepted Jesus. That was the best decision I ever did. I can see clearly the miraculous sign the Lord Jesus has done to me and also other Rohingya.”

Pray with Bob and Karin for Amir: Every week Amir is connecting with other Rohingya Jesus followers in Australia and Norway by Zoom to study the Bible together and learn from each other. These young men are going to be leaders in the faith communities of Rohingya believers.




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