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The Christian and Missionary Alliance logo - The image includes a The Cross, The Laver, The Pitcher, and The Crown


The AWF unites churches and ministries in a mission-minded denomination with partners in many nations. The AWF exists to please and honour God and share His love by proclaiming Jesus Christ to the nations as Saviour, Sanctifier, Healer, and Coming King. (Read More)

A head shot picture of A.B. Simpson - Founder of the C&MAOUR FOUNDER

Read a brief biography of A.B. Simpson, the founder of The Christian and Missionary Alliance. Learn about the foundations of the C&MA and the events in Simpson's life that inspired him to initiate a worldwide movement to fulfill the Great Commission.  (Read More)

A head shot picture of Dave Hearn - President of the C&MA in CanadaOUR PRESIDENT

Click here to read a short biography of David Hearn, president of The Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada. Read how God has worked in David's life, become knowledgable of his background, and be inspired by his current vision for the C&MA family. (Read More)

A picture of the Board of Directors of the C&MA in CanadaBOARD OF DIRECTORS

Learn how the Board of Directors functions and become acquainted with those who serve on the board. (Read More)

A picture of an international worker coupleINTERNATIONAL WORKERS

Discover how International Workers are making an impact on the world for God's Kingdom and the strategy behind their Spirit-inspired actions. This page offers resources on how to become an International Worker and will lead you to a collection of stories from our IWs that will give you a deeper understanding of what God is doing among least-reached people groups around the world. (Read More)

An image of Canada with a Canadian flag overlayDISTRICTS

See for yourself how churches in The Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada are organized into six geographic districts. Learn how district offices serve your church and participate in the C&MA family.  (Read More) 

A picture of a cross on top of a churchCHURCH FINDER

Looking for a church nearby?  Are you traveling across Canada and want to find an Alliance church close to your destination?  Search churches by name, language, or cultural heritage.  We want to help find the right church for you! (Read More)

A picture of two young girls sitting next to each other with their arms around each others shoulders FRIENDS

The Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada has a number of associated friends. This page will provide you with descriptions and the websites to the organizations associated with the C&MA in Canada.  (Read More)