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Read stories about the Desert Sand region.

See the international workers biographies in the Desert Sand region.

Seven men want to follow. Three of them are believers who yearn to share the story of Jesus, the story that changed everything for them.

They don't resemble most pictures of a local church, yet they are one in the truest sense. They're Sandtrailblazers in their land. And they meet because, together, they want to tell the stories of Jesus to their fellow countrymen, and watch them discover the hope they bring.

Niger is part of the diverse Desert Sand region on the African continent, where C&MA workers introduce Christ equally amongst the upper middle class as they do amidst the abandoned, marginalized and downtrodden.

There is growing momentum here.

It takes many forms. In some cases compassion ministries meet the urgent, direct physical needs of children and families grasping to survive the toll of drought or the grip of AIDS. Other workers focus on developing leaders and training nationals to better serve and connect with their own people.

The backdrops here are immensely different on this continent. The conversations are in an impossibly long list of languages. And in nearly every tongue and dialect, the stories of Jesus are told and retold, offering hope, and guiding our actions in this part of the globe.

For more information contact: Richard and Merinda at sandcrd@gmail.com


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