Clean Socks

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A pair of socks on someone's feet

Nine months ago, Rale, a homeless man and an addict, came to us at the Drug Rehab Center in Serbia. He has MS and has been suffering physically and emotionally. But God is at work! He recently said:

This morning, as I was going down the stairs to have my quiet time, I held the Bible in one hand and my socks in the other. I smelled my socks and then smelled them again. Wow, I live a clean life, I have a place to shower, eat, and sleep. I was overjoyed over my clean socks. God speaks to me in amazing ways.

 I remember what I did for years in the morning. Thinking about how I would survive another day. Some days I didn’t want to. Digging trough garbage was a daily routine. I never dreamed it would get that bad. Would anyone even notice I was gone, if one morning I did not wake up? Stripped of dignity, hope, all my possessions. I felt invisible.

 Now, let me tell you about my visit to the doctors. They know me as the sick, drunk, and homeless man. When I went last, they looked at me, and looked me again. “Is it you, Rale,” one doctor asked. “You look amazing!” I feel so clean inside and out.

 I finally feel I have a place where I belong. I finely feel I am missed when I am not around the dinner table. I am part of the family I never knew I had. Pieces of my broken life are being put together. I did believe God exists, but I kept my distance from Him, just like the rest of the world.  What I experienced in the Rainbow Drug Rehab Centre cannot be explained with words. Jesus, who I knew nothing about, filled the greatest void in my heart. The bottle and drugs have helped when my body and my soul was in agony. But it was always worse the next day. The hole was deep, despair was dark, and pain was ever present. Everything had a bad odour to it.

 So, my clean socks were like electric shock to me. I get goose bumps as I talk about it.

Later that day, as I looked to buy some desperately needed shoes for Rale, I could not put the picture of those clean socks out of my mind. What an honour to help a man walk with dignity and direct him to eternal destiny.

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    Thank you Lord for Danny and Vera and the outreach that they are having in reaching the people in their city. May God’s blessings be continually on you both.

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    We have been praying for years for the Kuranjis…and just love to read about how the Lord has been using them throughout that region. We would love to learn what has happened to their children..Any further information source? Blessings…Thanks so much for sharing, Henry & Mary Hooge Chilliwack.

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