Curtis and Linda

Our God Story

Having grown up in families where following Jesus was role-modelled, Linda and Curtis became Jesus followers at a young age. Their parents lived a life of active faith looking outwards locally and internationally. As young people, their horizons were broadened through being influenced by their parents' actions. Through the PSALM program at Canadian Bible College, God developed in Curtis an international cross-cultural desire to serve. Together, they have served in various Latin American countries starting with an MK focus and moving to a greater focus in community leadership development towards community transformation. Currently they are in in a ministry called the Samuel House that focuses on facilitating the training/sending process of young professional Latinos that have been called to cross-cultural ministry with a least-reached people group focus.

Our Vision

With a vision to raise up a healthy and resilient generation of Latin American international workers, Curtis and Linda are partnering with Latino C&MA Global Missions to initiate a residential internship program with a focus of building relational bridges to live in international cross-cultural environments.

Current Priorities

As this work has several international C&MA partners, the need for clarity in communication, the need for common priorities/goals and the need for strong working relationships are vital. Of equal importance is praying for the right Latino young men and women that have received a desire from God to serve cross-culturally in LRPG locations. Our focus is to provide an environment of living and modelling the how to's of missional life in a cross cultural setting.

Our Team

Caribbean Sun Team : Murray and Michelle Dersken, Steve and Heidi

Least-reached People Group (LRPG)

We work with a unique group of LRPG’s called Latin Americans.


Pray that we will facilitate disciples in building relational bridges that share God's Kingdom by being culturally relevant and culturally relational.

Pray that we will enable those who God has called by providing an environment of preparation to live their calling amongst LRPG's.


The Global Advance Fund covers our support and living expenses. All donations are tax deductible.  Make cheque payable to "C&MA Canada".



To sign up for our update letter, contact Linda.

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