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Steamed Buns

I live in the same condominium as Happy*, a Buddhist grandmother who is living with her daughter’s family (son-in-law and a 12-month granddaughter). Happy knows that I’m a Christian, and even though we have different beliefs we get along well.

Every Saturday, we go to the open market to do our grocery shopping.  Sometimes we’ll go to the park together as well.

Recently, she sent me a message and said, “Anne, are you home? I’d like to give you some Chinese buns.” About 30 minutes later, she showed up wearing a mask and carrying a bag of Chinese buns. We chatted, at a safe distance, for only a few minutes before she left. I was very touched, not because I like Chinese buns, but because she was concerned about me during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Mexican government has been asking people to stay home, social distance, and wash their hands for a few weeks now. All my friends and their families are staying home because they are too afraid to go out, even just to take a walk. The only way I can connect with them is through social media. Happy is different. She showed me that she is concerned about me by showing up and giving me a bag of Chinese buns.

It can be too easy to neglect God’s grace, but Happy’s friendship reminds me of His grace. She teaches me that it’s important to be concerned about other people. It doesn’t mean that I need to make Chinese buns for my friends, instead I can say hello to them through social media.

This is exactly what I did when an unexpected dialogue happened. A friend texted me around 10:30 p.m. asking, “Anne, do you miss your family? Will you leave Mexico and go back to Canada?” She missed her family and friends in her hometown and wanted to go back to her hometown to see them, but she couldn’t because her husband was working in Mexico City. We started to chat. Many people miss their families and friends during the pandemic. Fortunately, we have the message of hope to share that is Jesus Christ is our Friend and our Shelter.

Pray for Happy and my friend, pray that I would continue to have good conversations with them and that they would find their hope in Jesus.


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